Partner program types

FilingBox Partner Program types

  • Retail Partner - Retail partners are partners who purchase Team and SMB hardware devices and then resell the devices within their geographic area. (Retailer with customer support)
  • Appliance Partner - Appliance partners are partners who install Team and SMB licenses on their own hardware devices and then sell the appliance devices within their geographic region. (HW manufacturers with customer support and Linux engineers)
  • IDC Partner - An IDC partner is a partner that owns IDC facilities and provides FilingBox Team and SMB cloud services in the region. (IDC capable of K8s service operation, customer support, billing, etc.)
  • Cloud MSP Partner - A cloud MSP partner is a partner that has MSP capabilities in Amazon AWS and MS Azure and provides FilingBox Team and SMB Cloud BYOL licenses to its customers. (MSP with cloud engineer)

FilingBox Partner Program registration

You can apply to FilingBox Partner Program online.

Please submit a request if you need any further assistance.